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Remy - Sysadmin cat denies you access.

It's about time I tried to give something back.

That's Remy; one of my cats, a noisy, murderous demon and the main reason I require a lot of coffee in a morning. 


Me? I'm Rod, her chief feeder and when she allows it... work with SQL Server and associated technologies.  After a little bit of encouragement, decided its about time I try to get a few things out of my head and down in a blog. 


I've been lucky enough to work with some scarily clever people over the years, in many different guises, (Prod\Dev DBA, DRE to name just a few ) and sponged a great deal of knowledge from them, and the simply fantastic SQL Server community that we're all blessed with. 


Disclaimer: It might be rambling, innane rubbish, but i'll have a bit of a laugh doing it and just maybe it helps someone else with something...maybe.

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